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There’s no better way to look your target audience in the eye than to actually look your target audience in the eye.

We’ve achieved impressive results in public relations and communications by applying the media inversion principle. With more than a decade of experience in the recipients’ shoes, we are uniquely placed to understand and leverage what media and stakeholders are seeking – relevance!

By delivering timely, targeted communications to the appropriate audience, we aim to align clients’ brands with engaging content of greatest appeal to media. Every piece we deliver is designed to tell a story beyond the product or brand to lift your piece above the pile of other scatter-gun communications cluttering editorial desks and inboxes.

We constantly cultivate and develop new relationships with media outlets using up-to-date distribution lists, endeavouring to provide relevant, useful content for the desired audience.

Mainstream or trade, internal or external, we’re adept at targeting the right audience for maximum results.

Our capabilities include:

  • Communications planning
  • Media management
  • Creating press kits
  • Writing media releases
  • Distribution to up-to-date media databases
  • Follow-up and editorial development
  • Building custom media contact list
  • Event planning and execution
  • Internal communications


Right timing, right approach and we were able to generate front page coverage for Melway on The Age (readership 700,000 daily).

The 50th Anniversary Moomba Masters, the world’s biggest water ski event, engaged The Media Pad for its PR and communications, and we achieved wide coverage across TV, digital, print, radio and social media.

Australian House Hunters, a regional property research specialist, was featured on The Money Show with Ross Clitheroe and Deborah Hutton.

Melway’s changing technologies and digital innovation were detailed in The Age.

The Media Pad partnered with Melway to design and produce a Commemorative 1966 First Edition which featured in The Age.

The Melbourne Observer published a 4-page spread about the Melway Commemorative Edition, complete with a timeline of Melbourne’s history