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Nov 28

Click Frenzy Launches Click Mania

Click Mania launch

Click Mania is an exciting online shopping destination launched just in time for the Christmas shopping rush, with loads of great deals.

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Mar 07

2013 E-Commerce Leaders’ Playbook: An Injection of Online Retail Smarts

2013 E-Commerce Leaders' Playbook

Nothing suss here – get the fully WADA, ASADA, WADEVA approved legal performance booster for online retail professionals. The 2013 E-Commerce Leaders’ Playbook is here.

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Nov 27

The Media Pad Recognised as one of Anthill’s ‘coolest’ Companies

The Media Pad recognised as one of Australian Anthill's 'coolest' companies.

What constitutes a cool company? There are a number of ingredients that mark such a worthy title according to Australian Anthill, and The Media Pad falls under this umbrella.

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Sep 26

Who Says Print Media is Dead? Our E-commerce Books Tell a Different Story

Power Up, E-Commerce Leaders' Playbook

There’s so much buzz surrounding online retail in Australia at the moment, and The Media Pad is at the forefront of this activity as the publisher of the number one industry news and information site for online retailers in Australia, Power Retail.

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Aug 15

Why Paywalls for Media Don’t Work

There’s been plenty of debate around online paywalls as a solution for newspapers with declining circulations, but they won’t work. Grant Arnott explains why.

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Jul 24

Fifty Shades of Yellow – Our Makeover


The Media Pad has decided to add some colour to brighten up the digs and add a dose of inspiration for a better workplace.

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Jun 27

Google launches Nexus 7 tablet to take on Apple

At the Google I/O developers conference in San Francisco, the company has launched its Nexus 7 tablet to compete with the Amazon Kindle and Apple’s iPad.

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Jun 25

Paul Ramadge resigns from Fairfax

Screen shot 2012-06-25 at 12.29.20 PM

It’s been a tumultuous week for Fairfax, with the announcement by highly respected editor of The Age, Paul Ramadge, that he is standing down.

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Jun 23

Commemorative Melway First Edition is Unveiled

Melway First Edition

For proud Melburnians, the Melway Commemorative First Edition, a replica of the original 1966 Melway featuring a 16-page history of Melbourne, is a gem.

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Jun 18

Fairfax concession ushers in new media age

Screen shot 2012-06-18 at 7.06.43 PM

For media nerds like myself, the news that Fairfax is making radical changes to its media model arrives not as a shock, but as a sober symbol of the modern media environment.

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