The Media Pad is a specialist content provider united by a single (or is that double?) value proposition – Stimulate Thought and Inspire Action.

As observers of human transformation, we relentlessly improve our work to successfully ride the waves of changing sentiment through omnichannel interaction.


We stay attuned to what people want.

Compelling, creative content is our speciality, using words, imagery and environments that stir emotions, stimulate ideas and inspire action.

With more than a decade of experience in generating targeted, effective communications across multiple platforms in various markets, our objective is to improve the business of our customers via the intelligent use of media.

We work with visionary, enthusiastic businesses wishing to make a lasting impression on their target audience.


The Media Pad was created by Australian business publishing veteran Grant Arnott in an apartment on St Kilda Road. Tiring of the politics and difficult commute from bedroom to home office, Grant extended the business and the vision.

Today, The Media Pad comprises a passionate team of creative thinkers dedicated to delivering great content across a wide range of markets, from business to sport to lifestyle to entertainment.

Innovative thinking, quality content and delivering value are the cornerstones of The Media Pad.

We Are

Passionate communicators and observers of human behaviour.


Capable of delivering content via any digital, print, mobile or live medium.

Equal opportunity employers,


always on the lookout for talented content creators for short-term and long-term opportunities. Join the Talent Desk.